Custom Solutions

Let Us Make Your Fuel

Do you have a new fuel specification that you would like American Hydrocarbons to make for your company?

If you already developed a fuel specification, please email it directly to American Hydrocarbons’ Technical Service and Development Specialist, Mike Wendling. Alternately, download the fuel design specification attachment below, fill in your requirements and fax it to Mike Wendling at 281-457-1469. If you have questions or need help with a fuel request please contact our Technical Service Department at 832-376-2212. We will be happy to assist you with the development of your fuel specifications.


American Hydrocarbons issues a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on each batch of fuel that we supply to our customers. American Hydrocarbons guarantees that the fuel meets the specifications as they appear on the CoA at the point in time that it is loaded into the transport vehicle or container.