Frequently Asked Questions

American Hydrocarbons commitment to the protection of the environment, the safety and health of its employees, and to safety and health of its stakeholders is paramount to our existence. To that end, American Hydrocarbons is committed to:

– establishing effective processes that support our vision of no accidents, injuries or harm to human health and the environment from our products.
– working with our customers, carriers, and suppliers in order to foster the safe and secure use and transport of our products.
– providing hazard information (MSDS) that can be accessed and applied in their operations and products.

American Hydrocarbons will not compromise the value it places on the importance of effective environmental, health, and safety policies. American Hydrocarbons commitment to these values remains at the very core of our right to operate, and we will continue to pursue improvement opportunities whenever and wherever possible.

In addition to a continuing stream of new diesel and gasoline products designed to meet specific customer requirements, new technology has caused an increased demand for so called “green” products. These include fuels such as E20, E22, E85, E100, ethanolic fuels from a variety of domestic and international sources, methanolic fuels, butanol based fuels as well as a wide variety of biodiesel fuel formulations – all of which fall well within American Hydrocarbons’ capabilities.

We have recently seen a resurgence of requests for higher natural sulfur containing fuels to test vehicles for emerging markets. High sulfur fuels are becoming increasingly more challenging to produce due to a move to lower sulfur containing feed stocks in North America. American Hydrocarbons’ technology allows us to continue to successfully produce these fuels.

Yes. We currently have an overseas customer base in Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. We have the capability to arrange shipments, door-to-door, from North America to any global location.

Yes. American Hydrocarbons is 9001 ISO Certified. Visit our Quality Assurance page to download any of our certificates.

American Hydrocarbons has a legal responsibility to collect appropriate taxes based on the nature of products sold and the time and place of the sale. Depending on the tax status of your company or organization, certain exemptions to sales and use taxes may apply. As well, for purchasers of motor fuel, there may be exemptions for the state and federal motor fuel taxes charged to you. All applicable federal and state taxes are levied on transactions in accordance with the law. As a rule, nearly everyone is obligated to pay Federal Motor Fuel Excise Tax. If you have questions regarding the tax that appears on your invoice or any tax matter involving American Hydrocarbons, please contact American Hydrocarbons’ Tax Specialist, Matt Overaker.